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Our Clients


Vanessa Bradley

We had such an amazing experience with Robert! He has an amazingly gentle and kind demeanor, and Rolo really loves him. He found softness that I have never seen from Rolo before. What a neat experience! Will definitely have another session 


Amy O'Brien

My sweet horse Hemi came to me absolutely terrified of a rider on board. Head high, eyes wild with fear, trembling. Didn't take long before I landed in the hospital. I just got him home from Robert. Took him on a 3 hour trail ride today with absolutely NO issues. He was relaxed and calm. Robert has a kind way with the horses and his human clients. Hemi loves him, and was able to learn to trust and become a happy, well balanced horse.  If you want a trainer that knows what he is doing, he's the man.


Day Six Ranch

Robert has as incredible way of developing and repairing horses faced with psychological hurdles, which allows the horse to repair themselves physically! I am honored to have stood in the same arena with Robert and learned from such a caring horseman!

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