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EQUIKINETIC Therapy works on bringing out the best of your horse from the inside out in order to achieve the ultimate in softness. EQUIKINETIC Therapy for horses, especially those labeled as "problem horses", helps horses achieve their full potential. It helps them to become mentally, emotionally and physically balanced.  We've seen it hundreds of times; people often label misbehavior as “naughty, bad, disrespectful, or stupid”, but in reality it is the horse attempting to cope with past traumas.  Chronic behaviors such as: cribbing, bucking, bolting, rearing, sudden reactions, chasing, ear pinning, tongue or mouth displacement, grinding teeth, and many more can be signs of something going on emotionally or mentally with the horse. EQUIKINETICS gives the horse the benefit of the doubt and looks to find out what is going on with the horse. 

Many times people don’t know the whole story or history of the animal. The truth is, it takes very little for a horse to develop PTSD like behaviors. They simply can’t wrap their minds around our human experiences very easily.  Things like sight, sounds and smells, they can all trigger a traumatic moment in your memory and imagination. There are many signs of PTSD that are more obvious when a horse starts doing abnormal things like shutting down, aggressive behavior and so much more.


Robert Gonzales

Our Founder


Robert Gonzales specializes in working with problem horses, utilizing his EQUIKINETIC Therapy to help horses work through their mental, emotional and physical blockages. Robert has been working with horses for over 30 years. He uses his unique horsemanship techniques, experience, and his emotional work to complete the whole horse; focusing on their mental, emotional and physical needs.

Robert understands that each horse is an individual just like humans. How to read each horse and how to find it's strengths and weaknesses. He understand how important it is to develop and balance your horse. Robert works on getting your horses emotions correct. The emotions contribute to behavior issues and block performance.Robert can create a better balance with your horse by teaching them how to connect and to control their emotions.

If you would like to learn more about the way Robert works with horses you can listen to his interview on Let Freedom Rein Podcast.

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